Santiago Oddis Sweat Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Matisse Meets Feet in Santiago Oddis Short Film “Sweat”

Le Cube partner/CD Santiago Oddis contemplates a poetic but lighthearted connection between your sneakers and the cut-outs created by Henri Matisse in the last chapter of his long and multifaceted career. [Watch]

King and Country The Continental TV Series Titles Lionsgate Peacock

King+Country Channel 70’s Style and Action to Open “The Continental” On Peacock

Referencing 1970’s analog design techniques, King+Country set a gritty and dangerous tone for The Continental, a three-episode miniseries born from the world of John Wick produced by Lionsgate and airing on Peacock. [Watch]

Styleframes-Saturdays-Nuria-Boj | STASH MAGAZINE

Styleframe Saturdays Podcast Features Director/Animator/Illustrator Nuria Boj

Caroline Le’s always-insightful Styleframe Saturdays Podcast is back with its 20th episode, a look at the projects and process of Spanish motion designer, art director and illustrator Nuria Boj. [Watch]

We Are Batch The Piece of String Short Story Nearpod | STASH MAGAZINE

We Are Batch Illuminate “The Piece of String” Short Story for Nearpod

Guy de Maupassant’s classic 1883 short story “The Piece of String” finds a new audience among Gen Z students with help from this concise animated version by Cape Town studio We Are Batch for education technology platform Nearpod. [Watch]

Charlie Toque and Jelly Polaroid Retinex I-Type film | STASH MAGAZINE

Charlie Toqué and Jelly Trip Through Color Theory for Polaroid

Polaroid founder Edwin Land’s retinex theory of color, first published in 1977, comes to whimsical life in this spot from Jelly director/designer/animator Charlie Toqué for the brand’s new I-Type film. [Watch]

Omar Jones RUFFMERCY Denzel Curry SKED Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

Omar Jones and RUFFMERCY Drop Denzel Curry “SKED” Music Video

Brooklyn visual artist and director Omar Jones teams with the UK’s master of hand-animated chaos RUFFMERCY on this 100-second visual rampage for American rapper Denzel Curry. [Watch]