BluBlu Studios WWF Love it or Lose it | STASH MAGAZINE

BluBlu Studios and WWF Remind Us to “Love it or Lose it”

In their latest work for World Wildlife Fund, the animation team at BluBlu Studio use a vibrant illustrative treatment to interpret a heartfelt poem “encouraging a deeper appreciation for our natural world and the urgent need to protect it”. [Watch]

Aspect Wraps “The Color Purple” in Warmth and Emotion

Crafting a dramatic landscape of quilted illustrations, the motion design team at Aspect captures the poignancy of key moments in director Blitz Bazawule’s feature film musical version of The Color Purple with these end titles. [Watch]

Hola Combo Gives Flight to the Stories of Migrant Children for Doctors Without Borders

Animating the stories of migrant children, director Gabriela Badillo and her crew at Hola Combo in Mexico reveal the complexity of emotions underlying the US border crisis in this animated documentary for Doctors Without Borders. [Watch]

Eleven Motion Designers Reveal their Vegan Origin Stories in short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eleven Motion Designers Animate their Vegan Origin Stories

Canadian illustrator/animator Charlie Gagne (aka Dinos&Teacups) gathers 10 other vegan designers for a collaborative exploration of the personal moments that lead each of them to start living without animal exploitation. [Watch]

Stash issue 163 | STASH MAGAZINE

Illo’s New Explainer for Thousand Currents is Motion Design for a Meaningful Cause

Creative director Cristina Pasquale leads the illustration and animation teams at illo in Turin, Italy, into a global adventure of bold colors, geometric patterns and diverse characters for grant-making organization Thousand Currents. [Watch]