BUDA animation buenos aires | STASH MAGAZINE

Keeping Up with BUDA’s “Walking Christmas”

From the BUDA crew in Buenos Aires: “Here’s our Christmas tree. We lost it few days ago and we need it for the holidays. If you see it walking around, would you call us?” [Watch]

Woodblock Kick Ass Xmas | STASH MAGAZINE

Welcome to Woodblock’s Kick-Ass Xmas 2017

Welcome to Woodblock’s Kick-Ass Xmas 2017 [Watch]

Giant Ant Happy Holidays 2017 | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy Holidays from Giant Ant

From Giant Ant: “‘Tis the season for gifting, and re-gifting; please accept this re-gifted failed pitch as our gift to you. [Watch]

Ben White_Dear Satan | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dear Satan” Starring Hope, Satan, and Patrick Stewart

Anomaly London, the ad crew who took a brilliant poke at The 12 Days of Christmas in 2016, are back with a typo-inspired tale of hell and projectile vomiting narrated by Patrick Stewart. [Watch]

Lynx & Birds animated short | STASH MAGAZINE

Keep Warm this Holiday with Blue Zoo’s “Lynx & Birds”

Predator becomes provider in the latest CG treat from Blue Zoo’s in-house animated short program, a two-minute celebration of hair balls, knitting, and unexpected friendship called “Lynx & Birds.” [Watch]


Fun New Branding by Fishy Minds for Fishy Minds

Fishy Minds animation studio in Linköping, Sweden “Fishy Mind’s new logo is a combination of nifty type, which manifests boundless imagination and adaptability. [Watch]