Donkey Wrong Short Film by Animade | STASH MAGAZINE

“Donkey Wrong” Short Film by Jim Billy Wheeler and Animade

Inspired by beach photographers like Martin Parr and The New Yorker illustrations, director Jim Billy Wheeler and the animation crew at Animade in London set their latest in-house short during the golden age of British seaside holidays. [Read more]

Order & Chaos Short Film by Thomas Vanz | STASH MAGAZINE

“Order & Chaos” Short Film by Thomas Vanz

Carefully merging macro photography and VFX into a film he describes as “a love letter to contemplation”, French director Thomas Vanz questions the manic pace of modern life and the fragile nature of beauty. [Read more]

Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

Stay Inspired: Preview All the Motion Magic in Stash 149

Here’s your chance to head into Fall fully inspired! Grab a peek at the trailer for Stash 149, a phenomenal collection of design, animation, and VFX work and the newest addition to the Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

Media.Work short film Felt | STASH MAGAZINE

Up Close and Personal with “Felt” by Media.Work

Moscow CG masters Media.Work just dropped a new visual experiment looking very closely at the structural as well as the ethereal qualities of felt, an incredibly tactile and historically rich material first used over 8,500 years ago. [Read more]

AT&T Discovery District Films by Lobster Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

AT&T Discovery District Films by Lobster Studio

Part of the visual treats displayed on a mammoth digital screen towering 104 feet over the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, these three vibrant films were designed and animated by Lobster Studio to “celebrate the brand mood.” [Read more]

"Foreign Exchange" Short Film by Corrie Francis Parks | STASH MAGAZINE

“Foreign Exchange” Short Film by Corrie Francis Parks

Director/animator Corrie Francis Parks in Baltimore, MD: “Using a collection of banknotes and sand gathered from over 50 countries, Foreign Exchange takes you into a tiny world of dazzling details. [Read more]