"Yuki 7" Series Trailer by Chromosphere | STASH MAGAZINE

“Yuki 7” Series Trailer by Chromosphere

After three years of internal development, Los Angeles visual and creative laboratory Chromosphere is about to drop a dashing three-episode animated mini-series starring super-spy Yuki 7, her talking cat, and a rocket-powered turtle man. [Read more]

"Lip Sync" Unreal Engine 5 Short Film by Han Yang | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lip Sync” Unreal Engine 5 Short Film by Han Yang

The latest real-time CG work from director Han Yang and Shape Shifters Creative in Vancouver uses Unreal Engine 5 and the cloud-streamed app MetaHuman Creator to craft a tense and intimate fantasy that suggests the future of video production is already here. [Read more]

"Out Of Bounds" Short Film by Franz Impler | STASH MAGAZINE

“Out Of Bounds” Short Film by Franz Impler

While studying illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leipzig Germany, Franz Impler taught himself 3D animation then went on to break every rule and convention of the genre in his wonderfully bizarre thesis project “Out Of Bounds”. [Read more]

"Contour" Short Film by Ryo Kitabatake and Takuma Sasaki | STASH MAGAZINE

“Contour” Short Film by Ryo Kitabatake and Takuma Sasaki

Directors Ryo Kitabatake and Takuma Sasaki at WOW in Tokyo commemorate the studio’s 25th anniversary with a visceral CG nightmare for the ages with help from UK real-time and volumetric content specialists Dimension Studio. [Read more]

"How Have You Been" by AndyBaker and Polly Nor | STASH MAGAZINE

“How Have You Been?” Short Film by Andy Baker and Polly Nor

In his latest personal short film How Have You Been?, director/animator Andy Baker reteams with London illustrator Polly Nor for a surreal look at “coping with grief, depression, and the mundanity of life in lockdown.” [Read more]

"Dough Joe" Short Film by Derek Loftis and Motion504 | STASH MAGAZINE

Derek Loftis and Motion504 Seek the Perfect Hot Dog in “Dough Joe”

From the team at Motion504 in Minneapolis: “In his directorial debut at Motion504, Derek Loftis inspired the small but mighty team, keeping everyone connected and motivated through the thick of the pandemic.” [Read more]