"Mountain and Sea" Short Film by StudioTDL | STASH MAGAZINE

“Mountain and Sea” Short Film by Seoul’s StudioTDL

Sehyun Hong and Yeju Jeon, designers at StudioTDL in Seoul, South Korea: “Through the video, we explored the shapes of natural objects in the mountains and seas and expressed the encounter and harmony between natural and artificial objects to help discover new feelings. [Read more]

"A Blue Wave" Short Film by Studio River | STASH MAGAZINE

Inspired by Lockdown, Studio River Releases “A Blue Wave”

Creative director and founder Keyvan Nourian at Studio River in Paris: “This is a personal project initiated during the third lockdown in France and inspired by the feeling of seclusion caused by the COVID pandemic. [Read more]

"Fugue" Short Film by Optical Arts | STASH MAGAZINE

“Fugue” Short Film by Optical Arts

The crew at London studio Optical Arts, who released a flurry of motion experiments over the last 12 months, are back with more visual intrigue – this time inspired by Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich and his Fugue in A Major. [Read more]

"Six to Six" Short Film by Neta Cohen | STASH MAGAZINE

“Six to Six” Short Film by Neta Cohen

Director/animator Neta Cohen in Tel Aviv: “After almost two years on the festival circuit, playing at Annecy, Animafest Zagreb, Odense, and Raindance among others, my second animated short Six to Six is online! [Read more]

"FALL" Short Film by Shihao | STASH MAGAZINE

“FALL” Short Film by Shihao

Director/animator Shihao, part of the IC-United team behind the spectacular PATTERN short, just released his graduation film – reimagining a Greek myth as future sci-fi fantasy with loads of style and obsessive detail. [Read more]

"Pill" Short Film by Lolly Studio and Jared Tomkins | STASH MAGAZINE

“Pill” Short Film by Lolly Studio

Brighton’s Lolly Studio (with help from animator Jared Tomkins and composer/sound designer James Lockehart) create a concise exercise in snappy charm with their recent short film “Pill”. [Read more]