Sholto Crow_Martin | STASH MAGAZINE

“Martin” Unleashes Armageddon

A lone detectorist on a beach in Norfolk uncovers much more than he prepared for in “Martin,” a dry, dark comedy animated by London designer/director Sholto Crow who also handled the music and sound design. [Watch]

Suspenders Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Suspenders Studio: “Float” (Trailer)

Ok, so there’s a funny little boat full of pigs dressed in hats and uniforms tearing across this hyper-trippy waterscape hanging onto their fishing rods for dear life because they’ve hooked this massive fish-whale thing… [Watch]

Robot & Scarecrow short film | STASH MAGAZINE

A Very Modern Fairy Tale: “Robot & Scarecrow”

South African VFX house Chocolate Tribe takes the lead in creating the VFX for Kibwe Tavares’ stellar new short film “Robot & Scarecrow” wherein said protagonists navigate the perils and pitfalls of love-struck outsiders. [Watch]

Motion Makes a Masochist | STASH MAGAZINE

Motion Makes a Masochist

Watching this sardonic exposé of the many perils of a career in the motion arts, I assumed the director was a grizzled industry veteran. Alas no, “Motion Makes a Masochist” is Dev Joshi’s graduation film. [Watch]

The ultimate guide to Inspiration | STASH MAGAZINE

The Ultimate Guide to Inspiration

Amsterdam directing duo BLND (aka Fran Marquez and Daniela Uribe) offer both esoteric and practical advice to fellow creatives on how to re-discover inspiration when all seems lost. [Watch]

Brazen Teases “TEMPEST”

A stumpy but fearless sea captain finds himself alone against impossible odds in “Tempest,” a CG short packed with high drama and spectacular VFX from director Bryan Engram and the Brazen Animation crew in Dallas. [Watch]