Goodbye Design CG short design film by Miki Nemcek | STASH MAGAZINE

“Goodbye Design” by Miki Nemcek

Director and 3D artist Miki Nemcek says his new CG passion project “Goodbye Design” was born as he walked out of a museum amazed by an exhibition of product design from the 1950s. [Watch]

Shared Memories Benjamin Bardou Ash Thorp short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Shared Memories” by Benjamin Bardou and Ash Thorp

Shared Memories is a collaboration of two artists, Benjamin Bardou and Ash Thorp, exploring the synergy between film and volumetric camera projection into the realm of Impressionism. [Watch]

Stash 131 animation motion design VFX | STASH MAGAZINE
One Small Step animated short film by Taiko Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

“One Small Step” by Taiko Studios (Full Film)

Prepare to have your heart stolen by Luna, the Chinese-American girl whose dreams of becoming an astronaut power the multi-award winning animated short “One Small Step.” [Watch]

FJER animated series pilot Jeanette Nørgaard | STASH MAGAZINE

“FJER” Pilot by Jeanette Nørgaard

Danish animation boutique Sønc (run by director Jeanette Nørgaard and producer Lorène Lescanne) twist together inspiration from Nordic art and anime into this mystery-filled animated pilot for a web series called “FJER.” [Watch]

“Dieter Rams: 10 Principles for Good Design” by Andrew Vucko and Steve Hollman

Toronto designer/art directors Andrew Vucko and Steve Hollman team up for “an ode to the legendary product designer Dieter Rams and his timeless design principles. [Watch]