Short but Sweet animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

“Short but Sweet” by KLOMP! Animation

Merrily slashing and burning its way thru all the tropes of the fantasy adventure genre in two minutes, “Kort maar Krachtig” (Short but Sweet) is a smart and snappy satirical romp of the highest order. [Watch]

Elton Su Journey animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Elton Su’s Abstract “Journey” Through Evolution

Elton Su’s “Journey” Through Evolution [Watch]

Pale Blue Dot animated short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Ringling College Meets Carl Sagan at “The Pale Blue Dot”

Sophomore level animation students at Ringling College of Art and Design (class of 2020) team up to “pay tribute to Carl Sagan and spread a message of positivity in such divisive times.” [Watch]

Shannon Hoyne & Adam Singer seasons | STASH MAGAZINE

“Seasons” by Shannon Hoyne and Adam Singer

Melbourne motion designers Shannon Hoyne and Adam Singer describe their striking and elegant new personal project “Seasons” as a “surreal vision of a dark Japanese winter.” [Watch]

YK animation Coyote short film | STASH MAGAZINE

YK Animation Teases “Coyote”

The trick of a good short film trailer is to make the viewer ask questions: How does this story end? Who created it? When will it be released? And in the case of “Coyote” – by YK Animation Studio in Bern Switzerland – simply WTF? [Watch]

Intra short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Thomas Vanz “INTRA” – From Black Hole to Big Bang

French director Thomas Vanz’ second film “INTRA” gives us “a realistic visualization of what a spinning black hole could look like and an aesthetic vision of the white hole theory.” [Watch]