TEDxSydney 2020 Title Sequence | STASH MAGAZINE

TEDxSydney 2020 Title Sequence

After several years of crafting stellar openings for the TEDxSydney conference, director Scott Geersen and his Substance studio opened up the 2020 assignment to an international team of motion design collaborators. [Read more]

Fun & Games short film by Bullpen | STASH MAGAZINE

“Fun & Games” Short Film by Bullpen

Aaron Kemnitzer, founder and ECD at Bullpen in NYC: “A tongue in cheek look at the fun and subversive activities we design and give our children. It’s all fun and games. Until it isn’t.” [Read more]

The Short and Awkward Adventures of “Bumble” by Bullpen

From Bullpen (aka Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer): “An awkwardly oversized bumblebee attempts, unsuccessfully, to go about his meadow business.” [Read more]

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer launch Bullpen | STASH MAGAZINE

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer Launch Design and Animation Studio Bullpen

Elliot Lim and Aaron Kemnitzer have joined forces to launch Bullpen, a bi-coastal design, and animation studio dedicated to providing a more hands-on, narrative-driven approach. [Read more]