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Duncan Elms and Friends Open Camp Mograph Australia

Duncan Elms, best known as the prolific CD at Elastic in Los Angeles, gathers a troop of 14 collaborators for this elaborate sequence that opened the most recent Camp Mograph, a three-day creative sleep over in the wilds of Brisbane, Australia. [Watch]

Arc'teryx brand film by FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Scales the Heights of R&D for Arc’teryx

In case you need reminding that CG motion design is in the midst of an R&D golden age, take a peek at the extensive process reel behind this brand film by the team at FutureDeluxe for Canadian outdoor apparel brand Arc’teryx. [Watch]

Zombie Adds Character to Cafe Joyeux’s Inclusive Mission

Using a tactile mix of stop-motion and CG, Zombie Studio reveals the social and societal challenges faced by people with mental and cognitive disabilities for Café Joyeux whose restaurants offer an “inclusive workplace for extraordinary people”. [Watch]

Joseph Wallace and Atime Works Sleeping Forecast BBC Sounds | STASH MAGAZINE

Joseph Wallace and Atime Works Relax With the “Sleeping Forecast” for BBC Sounds

UK director Joseph Wallace brings his stop-motion and puppetry powers to this film shot by Malcolm Hadley (Corpse Bride, Chicken Run 2) thru London prodco Atime Works for a BBC podcast designed to help listeners fall asleep. [Watch]

Juan Behrens and Kingdom of Something Set the Stage for Digital Design Days 2024 in Milan

The all-Amsterdam team of CD Juan Behrens and studio Kingdom of Something (responsible for this motion frivolity), just dropped the trailer for the 8th edition of Digital Design Days, the much-loved celebration of creativity in Milan. [Watch]

Alexandra Majova short film Pracka Washing Machine | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Alexandra Májová Comes Clean in Short Film “Pračka” (“Washing Machine”)

After a stellar multi-year journey thru the festival circuit, the quirky charm of Pračka, Czech illustrator/animator Alexandra Májová’s short film about love and unruly home appliances, is now available for your online viewing pleasure. [Watch]