Hembree "Reach Out" Music Video by Igor + Valentine and Carpenter Collective | STASH MAGAZINE

Hembree “Reach Out” Music Video by Igor + Valentine and Carpenter Collective

The Kansas City combo of indie rockers Hembree and design studio Carpenter Collective join forces with the animation talents at Igor + Valentine on a warm and jaunty music video powered by the band’s new track “Reach Out”. [Watch]

Lincoln "Thinking Of You" by Igor + Valentine | STASH MAGAZINE

Lincoln “Thinking Of You” by Igor + Valentine

Psyop directors Igor + Valentine (aka designer/animators Matt Smithson and David Stanfield) steer Lincoln in a softer direction with this languid work produced thru agency Hudson Rouge and featuring the unmistakable voice of Matthew McConaughey. [Watch]

Airbnb welcome Screens Igor + Valentine | STASH MAGAZINE

Airbnb Welcome Screens by Igor + Valentine

Igor + Valentine (aka directors Matt Smithson and David Stanfield): “We had a blast creating a series of screensavers for Airbnb, and we made this quick montage of some of our favorite moments from the project. [Watch]