Disney Holiday Loops 2017 | STASH MAGAZINE

Giant Ant Loops in Disney for the 2017 Holidays

From Giant Ant in Vancouver: “We worked with Disney again this year to produce 32 holiday loops for their social channels. Here’s a supercut of our most-favored bits.” [Read more]

Glen Keane Future of Story Telling | STASH MAGAZINE

“That Doorway to the Imagination Opens a Little Wider”

If you need a kick in butt to start animating again or just want to fall back in love with the craft, Glenn Keane is your guy. After four-decades of character work on animated Disney features, Keane’s passion and excitement remains infectious and then becomes outright visceral as he explores 3D drawing in virtual reality with the HTC Vive headset paired with 3D painting app Tilt Brush. [Read more]

Behind the Scenes of Disney “Playmation”

Vancouver VFX house The Embassy reveal their extensive and detailed efforts behind this ambitious web film for Playmation, Disney’s new line of wearable tech toys and connected apps featuring Marvel’s Avengers and Star Wars. [Read more]

Fortiche_Freak Kitchen | STASH MAGAZINE

Juanjo Guarnido and Fortiche: “Freak of the Week”

Spanish director/animator/comic artist Juanjo Guarnido, who honed his animation chops at Disney on films like Tarzan, Atlantis and Brother Bear, teams with Paris animation house Fortiche to pound out a deliriously mad new video for “Freak of the Week” from Swedish prog metal artists Freak Kitchen. [Read more]

COLLIDER Conference Speaker: John Kahrs

On Monday, June 10th at the COLLIDER Conference in New York, ??Disney director/animator John Kahrs takes the stage to guide you through his personal behind-the-scenes look at the groundbreaking, hand-drawn and CG hybrid process developed for his 2013 Oscar-winning short film “Paperman,” as well as offering an inspiring look at his creative process as a director and animator. [Read more]

Fall In Love (Again) With Disney’s “Paperman”

Disney took home it’s first animated short Oscar since “It’s Tough to Be a Bird” in 1969 last night with “Paperman.” This sugary sweet romantic short was created by a small team at WDAS and lead by first-time director John Kahrs. “Paperman” marks the debut of Disney’s proprietary program Meander, that merges CG and hand-drawn animation allowing for greater character expressiveness. [Read more]