Laura Jayne Hodkin and giffgaff Invite Fellow Brits to "Have a Proper Chat" | STASH MAGAZINE

Laura Jayne Hodkin and giffgaff Invite Fellow Brits to “Have a Proper Chat”

StrangeBeast director/animator Laura Jayne Hodkin brings a cast of eccentric characters and her unmistakable style to the anchor video of a new campaign for UK mobile operator giffgaff thru London agency Don’t Panic. [Watch]

Strange Beast Signs Director Sacha Beeley | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Director/Illustrator Sacha Beeley

From the release: Animation Director and illustrator Sacha Beeley has joined Strange Beast. Sacha is the first graduate of Strange Beast and Passion’s talent development program, the Greenhouse. [Watch]

Breast Cancer Now Check them by Anna Ginsberg | STASH MAGAZINE

Breast Cancer Now “Love Hate Relationship” by Anna Ginsburg

Strange Beast director Anna Ginsburg conveys the vast array of emotions women experience in relation to their breasts and how they’re perceived by themselves and others for UK charity Breast Cancer Now thru agency Weber Shandwick. [Watch]

International Day of The Girl 2020 commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

International Day of the Girl 2020 by Parallel Teeth

Strange Beast director Robert Wallace (aka Parallel Teeth) helps US charity VOW To End Child Marriage boost awareness and drive donations for International Day of the Girl 2020 with an upbeat but uncompromising message. [Watch]

Cheerios Good Starts commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Cheerios “Good Starts” Spot by Caitlin McCarthy and Parallel Teeth

From Strange Beast in London: “[Director/animators] Parallel Teeth and Caitlin McCarthy collaborate to direct a bright and flowing campaign for Cheerios. The goodness in the cereal goes on a journey being shared by friends and family, starting a chain reaction of happiness and smiles. [Watch]

BBC Make a Difference animated spots | STASH MAGAZINE

BBC Radio “Make A Difference” Spots by Strange Beast

Strange Beast director/animators Anna Ginsburg, Hannah Jacobs, and Matt Lloyd each contribute a chapter to this heartfelt BBC Radio campaign sharing stories of local groups and individuals working to make life easier in their communities. [Watch]