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Strenge Beast Andy Baker director | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Andy Baker for UK Representation

Strange Beast has signed animator, director and illustrator Andy Baker for UK representation. [Watch]

Selfridges + Sustainability by Strange Beast

Strange Beast directors Anna Ginsburg and Hannah Jacobs add whimsical hand-drawn life to the voices of Selfridges staff revealing the array of sustainability initiatives underway at the venerable UK department store. [Watch]

Strange Beast Hannah Jacobs | STASH MAGAZINE

Strange Beast Signs Director/animator Hannah Jacobs

Strange Beast has signed illustrator, animator and director Hannah Jacobs. Hannah is well known for her fluid, hand-drawn technique. Her deliberately naïve style gives a human and emotional touch to all of her films and illustrations. [Watch]

Hendrick’s Gin “Escape” by Tulips and Chimneys

The intricate, illustrative style perfected by the Tulips and Chimneys studio in Cape Town, South Africa proves a perfect match for Hendrick’s Gin’s eccentric branding. [Watch]

Tendril Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Tendril Signs to Strange Beast for UK Representation

From the release: Tendril, the award winning studio behind the beautiful short film ‘Coming to America’ for TV’s American Gods, has signed to Strange Beast for UK representation. The studio create beautiful projects in a range of media from stylish motion graphics to stunning VFX and CGI animation. With offices in Toronto and Sao Paolo, […] [Watch]