Tricktrabanten Too Mad Mind Invaders | STASH MAGAZINE

Too Mad “Mind Invaders” Music Video by Tricktrabanten

The good cats of Cat City find themselves in a pickle in this fabulously deranged new music video from Swiss directing trio Tricktrabanten (Frederic Siegel, Kilian Vilim, Etienne Mory) for Swiss power duo Too Mad. [Read more]

Best of Stash Brand films | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2017: Brand Films

Free from the duration, format, and censorship restrictions associated with mainstream TV or cinema advertising, brand films allow for a refreshing range of techniques, narratives and visual styles. [Read more]

Freitag Big Buddy Blue | STASH MAGAZINE

“Big Buddy Blue – a Freitag® Story” by Team Tumult

Snappy, vibrant, and a joy to watch, “Big Buddy Blue” by Zurich motion house Team Tumult is the third film in the Tarp Blanche series commissioned by Swiss bag manufacturers Freitag. [Read more]