The Chemical Brothers No Reason Music Video Adam Smith Marcus Lyall | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “No Reason” Music Video by Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall

From the team at Black Dog Films in London: “Black Dog’s Adam Smith and his creative partner Marcus Lyall reunited with regular collaborators The Chemical Brothers to create new live visuals for the track ‘No Reason’.” [Watch]

The Chemical Brothers "The Darkness That You Fear" by Ruffmercy | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “The Darkness That You Fear” Music Video by Ruffmercy

For their first new music video since releasing the Grammy-winning No Geography album in 2019, The Chemical Brothers’ Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons turn to the UK’s master of color and chaos, director/animator Ruffmercy. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2019: Music Videos

If you wade deep enough into the mind-numbing tide of the music video genre, you will eventually find passionate, talented, and cynicism-free people producing innovative films for interesting musicians, cool events, and good causes. [Watch]

The Chemical Brothers “Out of Control” Remix by The Avalanches | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “Out of Control” Remix by The Avalanches

Creative director Drew Tyndell at Computer Team in Portland: “To celebrate the 20th anniversary of their album Surrender, the Chemical Brothers released a new version of the single “Out of Control,” remixed by The Avalanches. [Watch]

The Chemical Brothers - Free Yourself music video The Mill Dom&Nic | STASH MAGAZINE

Robots Gotta Dance in The Chemical Brothers “Free Yourself” Video

In the follow-up to their extraordinary 2016 “Wide Open” music video for The Chemical Brothers, Outsider directors Dom&Nic and The Mill VFX crew revisit the AI/robot theme but elevate the numbers and energy. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2016: Music Videos

Most often fueled by passion rather than proper budgets, music videos are the wild west of media genres – a place where passion and promise more than compensate for a director’s lack of experience or connections, or both. Have a look at the nine most intriguing examples Stash published this year. [Watch]