Stash 135 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 135 Takes Inspiration to the Next Level

One of our biggest issues ever, STASH 135 packs two and half hours of new motion brilliance (including behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) into The Stash Permanent Collection – the planet’s premier online video archive of design, animation, and VFX. [Read more]

Lil Dicky "Earth" music video by 3dar | STASH MAGAZINE

Lil Dicky “Earth” Music Video by 3dar and Ryot

Directors Nigel Tierney and Federico Heller rally a feature film-sized crew at Buenos Aires studio 3dar to create the most ambitious and star-studded animated music video you may ever witness. [Read more]

3dar Shave it! | STASH MAGAZINE

3dar Shocks the Monkey in “Shave it!”

Wake up your Monday morning with a kinetic 3D/2D chroma-blast of extraordinary character design and animation courtesy of directors Jorge Tereso and Fernando Maldonado at 3dar in Buenos Aires who describe their short film as “an ironic reflection about how nature adapts to the human invasion.” [Read more]