Hideki Inaba Short Film FLOW | STASH MAGAZINE

Hideki Inaba’s Hypnotic New Short Film “FLOW”

Following on his previous adventures in visual hypnosis including this music video for Beatsoffreen and this one for Canigou, Hideki Inaba’s new short film “FLOW” allows stylized animals to briefly coalesce out of pure organic abstraction. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2019: Music Videos

If you wade deep enough into the mind-numbing tide of the music video genre, you will eventually find passionate, talented, and cynicism-free people producing innovative films for interesting musicians, cool events, and good causes. [Watch]

Stash 138 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Canigou Tape music video by Hideki Inaba | STASH MAGAZINE

Canigou ­”Tape” Music Video by Hideki Inaba

Japanese director/animator Hideki Inaba, who jumped onto the Stash radar back in 2015 with this breakout piece, returns with a new video showcasing his signature brand of hypnotic CG complexity called “Tape” for Swedish duo Canigou. [Watch]

Still Rising_Beatsofreen | STASH MAGAZINE

Hideki Inaba: Beatsofreen “Slowly Rising”

Japanese animator/director Hideki Inaba remixes elements from his recent animated short called “Berg” into a new video of breathtaking organic complexity for the “Slowly Rising” track by Dutch electro artist Beatsofreen. [Watch]