Tongue Short Film Kaho Yoshida | STASH MAGAZINE

Kaho Yoshida Toys With Your “Tongue” in New Short Film

Director/animator/illustrator Kaho Yoshida mixes 2D animation and stop-motion into a very personal film addressing some of the issues she has faced as an Asian woman living in the West. [Watch]

BBC Sport Rugby League World Cup 2022 Blue Zoo

BBC Sport Rugby League World Cup 2022 Promo by Blue Zoo

Director Ben Steer and the animation crew at Blue Zoo in London showcase the diversity of BBC’s coverage of the 2022 Rugby League World Cup which now includes men’s, women’s, and wheelchair competitions. [Watch]

Julian Glander Tennis Ball on His Day Off short film Adult Swim | STASH MAGAZINE

Behold Julian Glander’s Latest Short Film: “Tennis Ball on His Day Off”

A new short film from 3D artist Julian Glander is always cause for gleeful anticipation as you have absolutely no idea what awaits in the coming frames except for the fact it will be excentric, fun, and subversively philosophical. [Watch]

Stash issue 156 preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Melody Ehsany Beats by Dre Powerbeats Pro Mathematic | STASH MAGAZINE

Mathematic Helps Melody Ehsany Make a Statement with Beats by Dre

The avatar of LA fashion designer Melody Ehsani dominates the basketball court with a 2D/3D wave of confidence and style in this animated spot by Mathematic director Boris Zaiontchkovsky for Beats by Dre. [Watch]

O2 The Snowgran Directors Cut Joseph Mann Blinkink | STASH MAGAZINE

O2 “The Snowgran” Directors Cut by Joseph Mann and Blinkink (With Making-Of)

Director Joseph Mann and London Studio Blinkink merge CG and stop-motion into a mini-meditation on isolation and the importance of personal connection in this holiday heart warmer for 02 thru VCCP London. [Watch]