"The Lights" short film by Passion Animation and Tjoff Koong Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Passion Animation and Tjoff Koong Celebrate Quiet Moments

For their annual holiday film, Passion Animation enlists their directing duo Tezo Kyungdon Lee and Magnus Lenneskog (aka Tjoff Koong Studios) to create “The Lights”, a set of quietly emotional vignettes anchored by a gentle hymn. [Read more]

Jesper Ryom "Nights" Music Video by Mathijs Luijten | STASH MAGAZINE

Jesper Ryom “Nights” Music Video by Mathijs Luijten

Motion designer/director Mathijs Luijten: “I sometimes send a message to people who inspire me, like Jesper Ryom. A casual Facebook message, what could possibly come from that…? [Read more]

Lydia Lee "Grey to Green" Music Video by Marcos Sánchez | STASH MAGAZINE

Lydia Lee “Grey to Green” Music Video by Marcos Sánchez

Merging found footage with an eerie acid-dipped take on classic cartoons, director/animator Marcos Sánchez spins out a magical alternate universe for “Grey to Green” by Korean pop singer Lydia Lee. [Read more]

Deloitte Digital "Happy Holidays 2020" by Nick Lines and Sedona | STASH MAGAZINE

Deloitte Digital “Happy Holidays 2020” by Nick Lines and Sedona

Our unofficial award for the “Best Use of the Snow Globe Trope in 2020” goes to director Nick Lines, the animation team at Sedona in Sydney, and Deloitte Digital Australia for this cute take on breaking free from a difficult year. [Read more]

The MINI Vision Urbanaut Vibe by Aixsponza | STASH MAGAZINE

Life with the MINI Vision Urbanaut by Aixsponza

The Aixsponza crew in Munich merge multiple animation techniques into this silky spot for MINI’s 2020 Vision Urbanaut electric autonomous concept vehicle, part of a new campaign featuring the brand’s head of design Oliver Heilmer. [Read more]

The Festival of Lights short film by Itay Tevel | STASH MAGAZINE

Happy Hanukkah! “The Festival of Lights” by Itay Tevel

From Hornet: “Hanukkah, also known as “The Festival of Lights,” is all about sharing the light to illuminate the darkness. It’s about shining a light that can unite us in the fight against evil.” [Read more]