Adobe-Substance-Assets-Kitbashing-Sebastian-Marek | STASH MAGAZINE

Kitbashing Adobe Substance 3D Assets with Sebastian Marek

3D artist Sebastian Marek in Warsaw, Poland: “The Adobe Substance 3D team approached me with a very open brief: take objects from the Substance 3D Assets library and essentially just play with them.” [Watch]

Short film Motion Project Rescued From Production Limbo | STASH MAGAZINE

Another Motion Project Rescued From Production Limbo

Gabriele Calvi, graphic and motion designer in Milan, Italy: “This short film started as a client project but never saw the light of the day. We loved it so much that we kept the original team onboard and ended up with a fun little high-energy 2D character piece.” [Watch]

YETI Pictures Enters 2023 at Full Speed | Stash Magazine

Yeti Pictures Enters 2023 at Full Speed

Director/founder Tony Zagoraios and his crew at Yeti Pictures in Athens, Greece say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the new year in badass style with a new Harley-riding mascot. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2022 Advertising | STASH MAGAZINE

Best of Stash 2022: Advertising!

To be heard above the constant yammer of consumer marketing, brands need production partners armed with breakthrough creative, polished execution, and the insight to ensure the results resonate emotionally. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2022: Game Films!

While nudging forward the art and craft of 3D animation, these eight outstanding game trailers, cinematics, and tournament films also offer deeply considered narratives and a possible peak into the future of filmmaking. [Watch]

Shed Joyeuses Fetes Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Shed Capture the Magic of Holiday Giving with “Joyeuses Fêtes” Short Film

The animation team at Shed in Montreal, whose 2020 IGA holiday spot caused many a tear, capture the magic of giving with this sweet stop-motion-style CG project directed by François Hogue about a boy and his teddy bear with a missing ear. [Watch]