Lucas Fraga Pacheco short film Sopro | STASH MAGAZINE

Watch Lucas Fraga Pacheco’s “Sopro” Animated Short Film

After a successful festival run, CalArts grad and Pixar animator Lucas Fraga Pacheco (Soul, Coco, Cars 3) just released his short film Sopro, a wonderfully told childhood drama, online. [Watch]

Shazam Fury of the Gods Main on End Titles | STASH MAGAZINE

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” Main on End Titles by Aspect

North Hollywood creative agency Aspect follows up their work on the 2019 Shazam! feature with this whimsical illustrative treatment for the end credits of director David F. Sandberg’s sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods. [Watch]

Documentary The Age of AI Our Human Future | STASH MAGAZINE

Juan Delcan and Sandblast Explore “The Age of AI: Our Human Future” in New Documentary

Director Juan Delcan and the crew at Sandblast Productions in New York used AI to generate select visual assets for this 16-minute animated doc about the AI revolution including all of the environments and several character designs. [Watch]

Paris Opera L Heure Bleue by Antoine & Mathilde Remembers | STASH MAGAZINE

Paris Opera “L’Heure Bleue” by Antoine & Mathilde and Remembers

French directing duo Mathilde Loubes and Antoine Bonnet, who created the outstanding Un Diable dans la Poche animated short during their students days at Gobelins, just completed this lyrical five-minute opus for the Paris Opera. [Watch]

Fantoons Animation Manifesto short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Fantoons Manifesto 2023: Styles Change but Stories Remain

Fantoons co-founders David Calcano and Linda Otero in LA: “Animation is something that lives in our bloodstream; when combined with a heartfelt story, it makes you feel alive like nothing else. [Watch]

B-O-D studio Ninja Must Die 3 Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE

B-O-D studio Drops Ninja Must Die 3 Trailer for Japan

The animation team at B-O-D studio in Beijing conjures a two-minute blast of non-stop action fantasy to launch the third edition of Pandada Games’ Ninja Must Die franchise into the Japanese market. [Watch]