Simple and Strange for Nike Design Day

Series of non-sequitur cel animated spots for Nike directed by Manny Bernardez. Conceived in a week’s timeline and animated the next, for a grand total of 11 spots created in just 2 weeks. Animated by Manny Bernardez and Robbie Johnstone. Watch Nike Design Day Bumpers [Read more]

Zurich 29 Animates For Amnesty

Here’s the second monochromatic life-saving-signatures spot for Amnesty International (see last year’s spot here). This time directed by Zurich 29 of French production company La Pac for TBWA France. Watch Amnesty International “Ink” [Read more]

Smith & Foulkes do Yao & LeBron

Nexus directors Smith & Foulkes bring their signature skills for over-the-top symbolism, stylized 3D and camped-up crazy crowd scenes to this new candy-coated, detail-infested spot for Coke. (We’re working on finding a better QT so you can actually see the detail we’re talking about). Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland, Prodco: Nexus Productions, director: Smith & Foulkes, music/sound […] [Read more]

Nexus Trips Out With Vince Collins

For Jon Hopkins upcoming tour as Coldplay’s support act, Nexus Productions worked as the middle man to setup him up with psychedellic 70’s animator Vince Collins to provide the accompanying visuals. Vince’s animation and Jon’s music worked together beyond what we could have imagined commented Chris O’Reilly of Nexus, and we were really pleased that […] [Read more]

CocoBongo Fights Corporate Monsters

New music video for Spanish Oi! punk band Eina (formerly Inadaptats) for the track is titled “L’art de la guerra” (the art of war). The video was created in Cinema 4D, After Effects and Combustion by CocoBongo Artworks, Miki Motollo and Bildi Grafiks. Watch Eina “L’art de la guerra”. [Read more]

Nexus: Helping Hands For NSPCC

Commissioned by the Council of Europe through Saatchi & Saatchi, Carolina Melis of Nexus Productions has designed and created a new and uplifting short for the NSPCC. The Europe-wide campaign approaches the subject of anti-smacking through all positive aspects of how hands (parents) can nurture, support and care for a child. Watch NSPCC “Hands”. [Read more]