Nexus: Helping Hands For NSPCC

Commissioned by the Council of Europe through Saatchi & Saatchi, Carolina Melis of Nexus Productions has designed and created a new and uplifting short for the NSPCC. The Europe-wide campaign approaches the subject of anti-smacking through all positive aspects of how hands (parents) can nurture, support and care for a child. Watch NSPCC “Hands”. [Read more]

Stopp Posting Letters

New from Stopp in Stockholm is this series of 5 animations for Adressändring, a mail redirection service. Each film features a historical character doomed by the consequences of not receiving their mail. From storyboard to sound-design, Stopp wrapped the project in 3 weeks. Watch all 5 Adressändring clips. [Read more]

“Roy G Biv” By Dale Hayward

Not a new film, but certainly deserving of a second look (or first look if you’re not partial to the animation festival circuit) is Dale Hayward’s animated short “Roy G Biv”. Hayward utilizes the notoriously unpredictable nature of water colors to create overlays of animals and human faces in this narrative-free stream of consciousness for […] [Read more]

Big Open-Source Bunny

Big Buck Bunny is the Blender Foundation’s follow-up to their successful first open-source short film Elephants Dream. Seven 3D artists and developers from the Blender community grouped together in Amsterdam last October to create the short. The project was completed in April and has only recently popped up online. Just like its predecessor the film […] [Read more]

The Ballad of Mary Slade

Those who find themselves to be a tad squeamish from time to time are better off to avoid this short film from Robin Fuller. The stop-motion short film revolves around the love and life of a young woman as retold by the insects that decompose her body. Watch “The Ballad of Mary Slade” Found at […] [Read more]

Ubisoft Pigs Out

From Ubisoft Montpellier and director Michel Ancel comes this new teaser for a mysterious unnamed game. The purposely vague cinematic titled “Chapter 1: The Pig” offers no clues whatsoever about the game it’s previewing. Rumors surrounding the project suggest that it’s for the sequel to Michel Ancel’s 2003 critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil. What’s […] [Read more]