Embury_Penguin shirts | STASH MAGAZINE

The Origin of Pete the Original Penguin

“The brief but true story of how we all came to know about a penguin on a shirt.” [Watch]

Elliot Lim_NY State Fair | STASH MAGAZINE

Elliot Lim invites You to the New York State Fair

In September 1841 America’s first state fair was held in Syracuse, New York. This fall the Great New York State Fair will host over a million visitors with the help of this promo from Not To Scale director Elliot Lim. [Watch]

Teen Mental Health - Transitions | STASH MAGAZINE

Wonderlust Transitions to Teen Mental Health

Wonderlust is a design & animation studio based in Halifax, Nova Scotia: “Making the shift to university or college can be tough. [Watch]

Prada Crazy Daisies | STASH MAGAZINE

Pleid Plants “Crazy Daisies” for Prada (Director’s Cut)

Juanma Mota, founder and director at Madrid art and motion studio Pleid: “We were asked by 2×4 NY to work on some animation series for Prada.

Sami Fitz Wide Open Sky | STASH MAGAZINE

Ben Collier-Marsh Crafts a “Wide Open Sky”

Ben Collier-Marsh, CD at WeCanMake in London experiments with layers and looks in this music video for his friend and Brooklyn musician Sami Fitz. A study in contrasts, the resulting piece is both vibrant and languid, fun and contemplative. [Watch]

TedEd Berlin Wall | STASH MAGAZINE

Remus & Kiki Direct “The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall” for TED-Ed

UK 2D animation directing duo Remus Buznea and Kyriaki Kyriakou (aka Remus & Kiki) clarify the origins of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the toll it imposed on those who tried to escape East Germany, and it’s eventual destruction in 1990. [Watch]