Louis Poulson_ Panthella | STASH MAGAZINE

Light My Desire: Verner Panton Panthella Mini

Danish designer Verner Panton’s iconic Panthella lamp first hit stores in 1971 and now finds playful new life in this spot for the Mini edition, designed and animated by Frame in Copenhagen for venerable lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen. [Watch]


Fast and Funny: BBC “Every Element of Wonder”

Frenetic new promo directed by FLINK in Hamburg through Y&R London ties together 39 BBC learning titles across TV, radio, digital and social media platforms into 50 seconds of smiles powered by an adaptation of Tom Lehrer’s 1959 ditty “The Elements.” [Watch]

Aeon_Sarte Camus | STASH MAGAZINE

Feud of the Century: “Sartre vs Camus”

In post-WWII Paris, rival existentialists Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus were also close friends and celebrities. But in 1952 their disparate world views blew up into “the philosophical feud of the century.” [Watch]

Felix Sputnik_animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Felix Sputnik: the Secrets of Quadruped Locomotion

Felix Sputnik (aka Michael Schlingmann), a multi-award winning German animator/illustrator living in London, shares his deep insights into the challenges of animating four-legged creatures in this charming and easy to follow tutorial. [Watch]

This Mess Won’t Make Itself” - Dead Seem Old | STASH MAGAZINE

Joseph Blanc: Dead Seem Old “This Mess Won’t Make Itself”

Dark, dreamlike and superbly crafted, this music video by Marseille motion designer Joseph Blanc for “This Mess Won’t Make Itself” by London indie pop group Dead Seem Old, toys with and then eradicates the boundary between 2D and 3D. [Watch]

Super Science Friends 2 | STASH MAGAZINE

Super Science Friends Episode 2: Electric Boogaloo

The mother of all action-nerd animation series returns for episode 2 wherein Tesla and the Super Science Friends take on cherubic-but-dastardly Thomas Edison for control of NYC’s electricity. [Watch]