Reapit Explainer by Quite Franckly | STASH MAGAZINE

Reapit Prop-Tech Explainer by Quite Franckly

Grant Franck, owner/CD at Quite Franckly in Cape Town, South Africa: “We partnered with Reapit, a world leader in providing Property CRM software solutions to create an animated experience for their new product offering. [Read more]

Estee Lauder Craftmanship FILFURY The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

Estée Lauder “Craftmanship” by FILFURY and The Mill

The Mill Design Studio and roster director FILFURY showcase the craftsmanship of Estée Lauder’s heavyweight, soft-close, eyeshadow packaging with “an array of rich, elegant, and textural, graphic design vignettes”. [Read more]

30 Days of NIKE by Feral Child | STASH MAGAZINE

“30 Days of Nike” by Feral Child

Feral Child, the London-based studio of animation directors Nella Addy and Rogan van den Berg, lean into their talent for offbeat design and animated fun in this “ode to Nike” in-house project. [Read more]

UBS Fondation Beyeler What is Art? Part of a Bigger Plan | STASH MAGAZINE

UBS x Fondation Beyeler “What is Art?” by Part of a Bigger Plan

Amsterdam studio Part of a Bigger Plan helps Swiss bank UBS and Basel-based Fondation Beyeler answer big questions about the nature and meaning of art with a clean and kinetic collage of motion techniques. [Read more]

Adobe The World Is Your Canvas Director Cut Dvein | STASH MAGAZINE

Adobe “The World Is Your Canvas” Director’s Cut by Dvein

From directing duo Dvein in Barcelona: “For this fun collage-film for Adobe Photoshop we teamed up with Mathematic and 72andsunny and many other talents including Virginie Kypriotis, Ombrebueno, Mariah Midas, Chibuyum, Madkobra, Ferry Gouw, Kervin Brisseaux, Kate Moross, and Natasha Cunningham.” [Read more]

Ecovative Brand Film by Vantage Films and SuperFly | STASH MAGAZINE

Ecovative Brand Film by Vantage Films and SuperFly

VantageFilms CD Vasil Hnatiuk and Russian animation studio SuperFly team up to showcase the innovation and scalability of Ecovative’s pioneering work in the science of growing mycelium to replace plastics and other polluting materials. [Read more]