Farfar Goes Out to Play for Nokia

Ambitious stop-motion piece from Swedish digital masterminds Farfar and Hobby Film for Nokia’s N-Gage System. Over 1000 extremely patient people (with apparently very little to do) took part in the creation of this epic-scaled game of Snake in downtown Lisbon. Watch Nokia “Get Out and Play” Watch Behind the Scenes [Read more]

MTV Denmark “Transistor”

For MTV Denmark’s new programming block for kids, THANK YOU Motion Graphics captured the playful after school atmosphere using iron-on beads. The production (which was originally supposed to included CG elements) took just under two months since they decided to animate everything by hand. The snappy beat comes from the hands of Swedish duo Kungen […] [Read more]

What I Learned on the School Bus

Found this little gem in the Feed submit box on the weekened and was completely taken by surprise. It’s a humble and straightforward stop-motion short from North Carolina filmmaker and editor Ajit Anthony Prem based on the V.O. of a friend recalling her experiences on the public school bus system. Song: She Was a Girl, […] [Read more]


From director Aaron Duffy, comes the new surrealist stop-animated short "SpecialGuest" which stars a yarned businessman coupling with a threaded worm-based partner, definitely falls into the hard to explain but one to watch category. Only one of the many quirky and clever projects from the new creative studio of the same name launched by Duffy […] [Read more]


From creative agency Weapon 7 and KandleDesign comes this sickly sweet, fuzzy wuzzy stop-animated piece for Orange phone service in the UK. Made for interactive TV the spot bridges the TV campaign with promotional web content. See if you can locate all of the hidden benefits of being an Orange customer sprinkled throughout, seriously watch […] [Read more]


For those of you attending the PLATFORM International Animation Festival this week, this should be nothing new, but for the rest of us here’s the opening titles that Smith & Foulkes of Nexus Productions created for the event. Given the chance to do whatever they wanted with the opening, the directing duo went for the […] [Read more]