Stash Best of 2012 Collection Now Online

Included in the Stash Best of 2012 collection: Popular footwear brand sponsors music video for commercially successful music act. It could have been a recipe for unwatchable embarrassment but in the hands of director Jamie Hewlett “Converse Doyathing” grew into an innovative piece of hardcore fun. [Read more]


Quick, what was the single most outstanding piece of broadcast design from 2006? My vote goes to this exercise in cool grace directed by Psyop partners Marie Hyon and Marco Spier. It graced the cover of Stash 20 in May of that year and would feel right at home on the cover again today. [Read more]

MassMarket forms Nike “Human Chain”

MassMarket and Wieden+Kennedy, Portland replicate a string of never-say-die sports talent (including Oscar Pistorius, Sergio Aguero, Deron Williams, Maria Sharapova, Mike Spinner, Quinton Rampage Jackson, LaDainian Tomlinson and Lance Armstrong) for Nike’s latest ode to sweat and pain. Music by The Hours. Thanks to Alba for the tip. Watch Nike “Human Chain” See below for […] [Read more]

Kromag 05 Released

Featuring Interviews with King&Country, Hue Visualab and Björn Bartholdy. [Read more]