An Ordinary Seal short film by Milford | STASH MAGAZINE

“An Ordinary Seal” Short Film by Milford

Stockholm 3D animation specialists Milford just released their first venture into longer-form content, a rollicking inhouse film about the misadventures of “An Ordinary Seal”, written and directed by animation supervisor Antonio Deiana. [Read more]

Man 2020 short film by Steve Cutts | STASH MAGAZINE

Steve Cutts Updates “Man” for 2020

Just before Christmas in 2012, London artist/animator Steve Cutts released “Man”, an ironically jaunty short film about the Anthropocene apocalypse in all its dark and ridiculous glory. [Read more]

Deli Coronanimation | STASH MAGAZINE

The DELI “Coronanimation”

From DELI Creative Collective in Hamburg: “The lockdown on filming has hit the advertising industry really hard and, for us in film postproduction, we now know the situation all too well from the resulting ‘non-projects’ and postponed projects. [Read more]

Woodwork Feed the Urge short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Woodwork Feeds the Urge to Create

It may only be 25 seconds long, but this animated micro-short called “Feed the Urge” from Amsterdam design and motion studio Woodwork delivers days of character and humor with a crisp, confident style. [Read more]

Car Seat Headrest "Hollywood" music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Car Seat Headrest “Hollywood” Lyric Video by Sabrina Nichols

The fast and loose animation and typography of director Sabrina Nichols provides the perfect visual complement to the stripped-down rock of Seattle-based indie band Car Seat Headrest in this lyric video for the track “Hollywood” off the new album Making A Door Less Open, releasing May 1, 2020. [Read more]

INNOSENT in FORMAL Junkie’s Never Enough music video | STASH MAGAZINE

INNOSENT in FORMAL “Junkie’s Never Enough” Music Video

Here’s an excellent way to perk up yet another stay-at-home Tuesday: A playfully aggressive and stylized music video for Japanese four-piece rock band INNOSENT in FORMAL by Tokyo digital artist and director Kota Yamaji. [Read more]