"The Fall" short film by Vascolo | STASH MAGAZINE

Taking “The Fall” with Vascolo

Váscolo in Buenos Aires: “We’re extremely happy to share with you the new in-house project we have been toiling on for the past three years! ‘The Fall’ comes to life as a chimera, a drop dream that lets your imagination go wild.” [Read more]

Quarantine Life loop by DeeKay Kwon | STASH MAGAZINE

“Quarantine Life” Loop by DeeKay Kwon

Director/animator DeeKay Kwon: “Jack, Paul, and I left New York for California to work on some gigs then Covid-19 happened. We are roomies in one tiny apartment and stuck here for the time being. So I decided to make some fun animation about our days.” [Read more]

Bleeding Edge game trailer by Dazzle Ship | STASH MAGAZINE

Bleeding Edge Game trailer by Dazzle Ship

The new multiplayer online combat video game Bleeding Edge launched with the help of this hyperactive trailer, part of a suite of campaign assets delivered by London motion studio Dazzle Ship for UK developer Ninja Theory and Microsoft. [Read more]

Language Arts Sprout music video by Pierre-Julien Fieux | STASH MAGAZINE

Language Arts “Sprout” Music Video by Pierre-Julien Fieux

Kristen Cudmore, composer/vocals/guitars with Canadian art-pop band Language Arts: “It was Jan 28th, 2010, when I got up at 4am to drive to the ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, to go adopt my dear companion, Sprout. [Read more]


Plethore “Home” Music Video Made at Home by Maxime Baile

Annabelle Mai, producer at Paris prodco Bijoute: “‘Home’ was written and recorded during the containment for Covid 19 on March 17th. It is an ode to the dream and to the person we love the most. [Read more]

No.7 short film by Mehdi Alibeygi | STASH MAGAZINE

“No.7” Tribute to Cristiano Ronaldo by Mehdi Alibeygi

In 2018 Stash published a delightfully excentric game trailer for a 2D puzzle-adventure called Flipping Filip. The hand-crafted video was our first sighting of director/animator Mehdi Alibeygi who just released this new personal film called “No.7”. [Read more]