Growing “Shroooms” with C A T K

Berlin design and music studio COLORS AND THE KIDS’ recent research project called “Shroooms” explores the power of artificial growth algorithms to create a beguiling world of alien 3D.

If You Can 2 weeks agoMore Hanna Rybak

Winston Churchill’s Wit and Wisdom Revitalized by Hanna Rybak in “If You Can”

Winston Churchill Wit and Wisdom Revitalized by Hanna Rybak in “If You Can” animated short film [Watch]

Plastic Dreams short film by Klaus Alman | STASH MAGAZINE

“Plastic Dreams” by Klaus Alman

German 3D specialist Klaus Alman takes time out from his studio’s commercial work for a personal and visually poetic exploration of “the wastefulness advertising, modern production, and distribution of goods comprises.” [Watch]

Adult Swim Mask Dog by vewn | STASH MAGAZINE

Adult Swim “Mask Dog” by Victoria Vincent

Adult Swim “Mask Dog” short film by vewn aka Victoria Vincent [Watch]

The Brave Heart animated short film by Luca & Sinem Blinkink | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Brave Heart” by Luca & Sinem

Finally, a complete and scientifically accurate look at the inner components of your body as it deals with a hangover. Ok, so “The Brave Heart” may not be exactly textbook science but it is solidly twisted fun. [Watch]

In a Nut Shell short film Fabio Friedli | STASH MAGAZINE

“In a Nutshell” Short Film by Fabio Friedli

Fresh off a monster festival run, Swiss filmmaker Fabio Friedli reveals some of the inspiration and challenges behind his ambitious and frenetic stop-motion short film called “In a Nutshell.” [Watch]

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