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ManvsMachine F1 Extraordinary Humans | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine Rolls Out “Extraordinary Humans” for F1

Packaging up live-action footage with X-ray and thermal design treatments, ManvsMachine and London agency Pablo, deliver a visceral global launch campaign for Formula 1 “celebrating not only the sport but the humans at the heart of it.” [Watch]

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Agust D D-DAY Glitch Film by Yacht | STASH MAGAZINE

Yacht Glitch’s Up “D-DAY” for Agust D

Director Seungyong Noh at Yacht in Seoul, South Korea: “The Glitch Film for Agust D (aka SUGA from BTS) serves as a metaphor to represent SUGA and Agust D’s individual personas while also showcasing Agust D’s independent transition.” [Watch]

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