Gobelins Animated Short Film Sunscreen | STASH MAGAZINE

Gobelins 2023 Grad Film “Sunscreen” Finds Fear and Loathing in Outer Space

The latest short film release from the Gobelins 2023 computer animation class tracks the visually arresting ebb and flow of buried inner traumas as they wash over a young woman trapped in a disabled space station. [Watch]

BOOM Short Film Ecole des Nouvelles Images | STASH MAGAZINE

Family Values Go “BOOM” in Academy Award-Winning Student Film

The many frustrations of shared parenting in the face of impending doom are tied together with impeccable comic timing in this multi-award-winning comedy from five young director/animators graduating from École des Nouvelles Images. [Watch]

Ringling College Computer Animation Class of 2023 Grad Films | STASH MAGAZINE

Ringling Computer Animation Class of ’23 Grad Films

The newest crop of student films out of the Ringling College Computer Animation Department feature four very different protagonists singing, eating, exploring, and following their hearts toward four happy endings. [Watch]

Gobelins Try Hard animated Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Art and Friendship Collide in Gobelins Short Film “Try Hard”

Try Hard, the first animated short film from the 2023 graduating class of Gobelins Paris premiered this morning with a passionate and ultimately emotional examination of what we are willing to sacrifice for ambition. [Watch]

VDAS Student Hanul Jeon Drops Spec Brand Film for Salomon | STASH MAGAZINE

VDAS Student Hanul Jeon Drops Impressive Spec Brand Film for Salomon

Director/animator Hanul Jeon at VDAS (Visual Design & Art School) in Seoul, South Korea: “Salomon is a French outdoor sports brand. In order to emphasize the durability of Salomon hiking boots that can withstand rough environments, I developed a brand video focusing on the environment of rock walls and ice sheets.” [Watch]

Scholar-SCAD-fashion-2023 | STASH MAGAZINE

Chris Finn and Scholar Enter New “Dimensions” with Opening Film for SCAD Fashion Showcase

The SCAD Fashion program kicked off its 2023 live runway show with this ambitious film by Scholar director/CD Chris Finn (SCAD B.F.A, 2015) combining dance, motion design, and AI with garments by 100 graduating students. [Watch]