Bonobo No Reason | STASH MAGAZINE

Oscar Hudson: Bonobo “No Reason (ft. Nick Murphy)”

Rising star director Oscar Hudson strings together 10 actors in 18 rooms with only two long tracking shots, one edit and zero VFX in this music video for the new Bonobo track “No Reason” – designed to give claustrophobics the bends. [Read more]

Amon Tobin “Esther’s” | STASH MAGAZINE

Invasion of Amon Tobin’s “Esther’s” by Charles De Meyer

Belgian director Charles De Meyer made this fan video for the Ninja Tune artist Amon Tobin track “Esther’s” originally released in 2007. Tobin was so impressed he created the sound design, and the label has since adopted the clip as the official video. [Read more]