Stash 149 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
Geese "Low Era" Music Video by Fons Schiedon | STASH MAGAZINE

Geese “Low Era” Music Video by Fons Schiedon

Los Angeles director/designer and artist Fons Schiedon boils up a heady mix of disorientation and quasi-psychedelics in this new work – laced with CG and low-fi VFX – for Brooklyn band Geese. [Watch]

Concern Worldwide "Search: Climate Change" by Fons Schiedon | STASH MAGAZINE

Concern Worldwide “Search: Climate Change” by Fons Schiedon

Forever director/animator/editor Fons Schiedon’s natural proclivity for visual insanity helps emphasize the shocking difference between online search results for “climate change” and the actual, real-world human consequences. [Watch]

Adidas "FUTURECRAFT" by Fons Schiedon | STASH MAGAZINE

Adidas “FUTURECRAFT” by Fons Schiedon

Amsterdam prodco The Panics and director Fons Schiedon lace together multiple techniques and moods into a 90-second brand film for adidas’ “FUTURECRAFT” line of single-material, fully recyclable shoes. [Watch]

Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
Groove Armada Lover 4 Now music video | STASH MAGAZINE

Groove Armada “Lover 4 Now” Music Video by Fons Schiedon

New York-based Dutch director Fons Schiedon, who graced the cover of Stash 15 with his insane MTV Asia ID, creates a far more calm and contemplative mood in his new video for English electronic duo Groove Armada. [Watch]