Apple Flock commercial Ivan Zacharias Legacy Effects | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Birds” Meets “1984” in Ivan Zacharias’ New Apple Spot

Apple’s latest volley against the online surveillance economy is a gently comic nod to Hitchcock and Orwell courtesy of Smuggler director Ivan Zacharias with avaricious metalic avians via VFX shops Legacy Effects and House of Parliament. [Watch]

Squarespace The Singularity Adam Driver Super Bowl | STASH MAGAZINE

Squarespace Takes Adam Driver to the Super Bowl

Smuggler director Aoife McArdle and London VFX/post house Black Kite Studios help a confused Adam Driver figure out “The Singularity” in this extended 90-second version of Squarespace’s 2023 Super Bowl spot. [Watch]

/Users/stephenprice/Desktop/VARIOUS/PIX FOLDER/John Lewis Unexpected Guest Mark Molloy nineteentwenty6.png

John Lewis “Unexpected Guest” by Mark Molloy and nineteentwenty

UK retailer John Lewis maintains their place atop the holiday ad ecosystem with another note-perfect tear-fest – this year’s edition arriving courtesy of Smuggler director Mark Molloy and London VFX and post house nineteentwenty. [Watch]

Jaron Albertin and MPC Keep "Lexus Electrified" | STASH MAGAZINE

Jaron Albertin and MPC Keep “Lexus Electrified”

Smuggler director Jaron Albertin and the MPC design/VFX team offer a glimpse at the future of advertising production in this fully-remote CG spot created with the Unreal game engine and starring the Lexus LF-30 electric concept car. [Watch]

Lewis Del Mar TV music video by rubberband | STASH MAGAZINE

Lewis Del Mar “TV” Music Video by rubberband

In their newest video for New York duo Lewis Del Mar, Smuggler directors rubberband (aka Jason Sondock and Simon Davis) team with animator James Siewert for a tactile and distressed stop-motion media explosion. [Watch]

Halo Infinite Step Inside Patrick Clair | STASH MAGAZINE

Halo Infinite “Step Inside” by Patrick Clair and Raoul Marks

Working through Smuggler and 215 McCann, directors Patrick Clair, Raoul Marks and the Antibody crew in Sydney invite you to try on the Master Chief’s Mjolnir armor in this ambitious and atmospheric launch spot for the latest edition of the Halo franchise. [Watch]