Postmates This is Your Brain on Food Nexus Design Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Nexus Design Studio Reveal Your Brain on Food for Postmates

CD Harry Butt and the Nexus Design Studio leave no motion styles unexplored as they wrangle a fun collective of artists and animators into this unpredictable campaign thru Mother LA for Uber’s US food delivery service Postmates. [Watch]

Miranda! El Arte de Recuperarte Music Video by Dante Zaballa | STASH MAGAZINE

Miranda! “El Arte de Recuperarte” Music Video by Dante Zaballa

Director/animator Dante Zaballa, who brought us the Curious World of Animals and the Doodle Project, unleashes his loose and cheeky style on a music video for Argentine electropop band Miranda! [Watch]

Stash 147 Preview Trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
“Curious World of Animals” Short Film by Dante Zaballa and Osian Efnisien | STASH MAGAZINE

“Curious World of Animals” Short Film by Dante Zaballa and Osian Efnisien

Determined to fight virus fatigue with absurdist comedy, New York director/animator Dante Zaballa and Welsh artist Osian Efnisien (who also collaborated on Zabella’s Doodle Project II), release a “groundbreaking documentary that nobody asked for.” [Watch]

The Doodle Project II Dante Zaballa | STASH MAGAZINE

Doodle Project II: 44 Animators and 21 Musicians Later…

Back in 2013, we published an exquisite corpse-style film called Doodle Project originated by Berlin animator Dante Zaballa. Now, Zaballa and several dozen of his closest friends are back with Doodle Project II and it’s just as fun and unpredictable as the first. [Watch]

Parquerama_Big Bang Dog | STASH MAGAZINE

Parquerama Studios: “Big Bang Dog”

Matias Vigliano and Dante Zaballa (aka Parquerama Studios) create psychotropic and loop-filled animated worlds blending pencils, markers and After Effects. Much to our delight, they just sent us their latest collaboration: a non-sensical, vibrant and amorphous tale called “Big Bang Dog.” Vigliano and Zaballa: “Cartoons [Watch]