Joseph Kahn’s “Power Rangers” Fan Film

Joseph Kahn Power Rangers | STASH MAGAZINE

What does uber-director Joseph Kahn have to say about his 14-minute bootleg of the Power Rangers franchise starring Katee Sackhoff and James Van Der Beek? [Read more]

Thom Haig: “Becoming One”

Thom Haig_Becoming One | STASH MAGAZINE

London motion designer and visualisation artist, Thom Haig crafts a thoughtful and carefully rendered full-CG personal project exploring the relationship between connectivity and individuality. [Read more]

Edouard Salier and Digital District Invade “HABANA”

Edouard Salier_Habana | STASH MAGAZINE

French director/graphic artist/designer/photographer Edouard Salier imagines a near-future Havana occupied by foreign forces and on the edge of civil war in his festival hit “HABANA,” a black and white short made all the more convincing with seamless VFX by Paris powerhouse Digital District. [Read more]

Birthday Gifs: Eran Mendel Unleashes “The Rimons”

Eran Mendel_The Rimons | STASH MAGAZINE

Let’s end the week with a counterpoint to huge Super Bowl spots: a zero-budget personal project from Israeli illustrator/animator/character designer Eran Mendel built from a series of rockin’ animated loops. [Read more]

Stash Interview: Michael Frei on “Plug & Play”

Plug and Play stups1080 | STASH MAGAZINE

On Feb 2nd Swiss animator Michael Frei released the Plug & Play game for iPad and iPhone based on his multi-award winning animated short of the same name. Stash catches up with Michael, to find out more about the charming, quirky, minimalist six-minute film and how it came to be: [Read more]

Robertson, Dixon and Dower: “Simpsons Pixels”

Simpsons Pixels | STASH MAGAZINE

This planet’s fascination with pixel art continues uninterrupted with this manic tribute to the “The Simpsons” opening from the all-Australian team of pixel artist/animator Paul Robertson, animator/pixel artist/illustrator/game maker Ivan Dixon, and sound and visual artist Jeremy Dower. [Read more]