Stas Santimov and the Art of Macabre Motion

Stas Santimov_OivaviO | STASH MAGAZINE

Combining his talents for illustration and motion, Ukrainian creative director Stas Santimov creates a singular species of haunting animated comic strip, exploring mysterious characters through macabre looping vignettes. [Read more]

Blender Institute’s “Cosmos Laundromat”

Blender Cosmos Laundromat | STASH MAGAZINE

Once in a while Monty Python’s segue “and now for something completely different” rings very true in life or in art. Case in point: Project Gooseberry aka “Cosmos Laundromat,” the sixth film from open source CG pioneers Blender Institute helmed by French director Mathieu Auvray. [Read more]

Arvind Palep’s Vision of New York City 2050

Arvind Palep_New York City 2050 | STASH MAGAZINE

Leap forward in time 35 years and join 1stAveMachine director/co-founder Arvind Palep as he follows an NYPD patrol into the bowels of a dangerous and dystopian Manhattan. [Read more]

Trip into Aixsponza’s “Seed”

Aixpsonza_Seed Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

The crew at Aixsponza in Munich show off their collective skills for surreality in this startling full-CG in-house project called “Seed,” a hyper-detailed trip deep into photoscanning territory. [Read more]

NY Times Modern Love: “A Kiss, Deferred”

Moth Collective_New York Times | STASH MAGAZINE

Nikolina Kulid┼żan was 12 when civil war interrupted her first romance. Her warm, tear-inducing tale of remembrance and reconnection anchors the latest installment in the New York Times’ Modern Love series and features the formidable illustration and animation talents of London’s Moth Collective. [Read more]

The Liquid Dreams of Hiraoka Masanobu

Hiraoka Masanobu_My New Animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Self-taught Tokyo freelance director/animator Hiraoka Masanobu first caught Stash’s attention in September 2012 with his mesmerizing work for video sharing social network Now he’s back with a personal film, a narrative-free, metamorphic liquid-dream that defies prediction and proves relaxing despite its restless pace.
[Read more]