OURO: Another “Nasty Woman”

ouro animated short | STASH MAGAZINE

When Donald Trump called Hilary Clinton a “nasty woman,” he unintentionally created a rallying cry for women voters and he also helped reframe how we see women struggling for respect in a world dominated by men. [Read more]


mr-anxiety | STASH MAGAZINE

Check this frenetic animated blast of dark humor called “Mr. Anxiety Goes on a Date,” an over-caffeinated interior monologue completed in one day by 4inaroom, aka Alyona Ciobanu, Anna Florea, The Sandul, and Serban Ilicevici. [Read more]

Why We Made “Borrowed Time”

borrowed-time-short-film | STASH MAGAZINE

Join Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj for a look into how they challenged current expectations of animation with their CG short film “Borrowed Time,” an emotional sledgehammer with music by Gustavo Santaolalla (“Brokeback Mountain,” “Babel”) and awarded Best in Show at SIGGRAPH 2016. [Read more]

Deep in the Trenches with “Poilus”

isart_poilus | STASH MAGAZINE

The French word poilus (hairy one) is a term of endearment for a French WWI infantryman and provides the title for this emotional, atmospheric and ambitious graduation film created by seven students at ISART DIGITAL, the Paris-based video game and 3D animation school. [Read more]

Behold Stew Harvey’s “Godzimmer”

Stew harvey-godzimmer | STASH MAGAZINE

Animade animator Stew Harvey – the talent behind this warm and cozy Valentine Day film – returns with a quick blast of existential fun. [Read more]

Careful what You Wish For: “Fluffy’ s Third Eye”

victoria vincent animation| STASH MAGAZINE

Young SoCal animator/director Victoria Vincent follows up “Find true Love,” her one-minute animated ode to the pitfalls of online dating with “Fluffy’s Third Eye,” an equally off-balance allegory on the perqs and perils of getting what you wish for. [Read more]