Grab a Peek at the Treats on Stash 122

Stash 122 does what every Stash issue does, it keeps subscribers inspired by adding another 31 amazing films to the Stash Permanent Collection, the planet’s largest online video library of design, animation, and VFX.
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Random Acts_Wednesday Goddard | STASH MAGAZINE

Nicolas Ménard on Making “Wednesday with Goddard”

In his latest animated short, “Wednesday with Goddard,” Nexus designer/director Nicolas Ménard pairs realistic pencil illustrations by his wife Manshen Lo with his own simple, geometric characters and compositions. [Read more]

School of Life Confident | STASH MAGAZINE

How to Be Confident: Simply Accept You’re a Fool

I’ve been a fan of School of Life founder Alain de Botton’s brand of pop philosophy (and calm, erudite voice overs) for years, but this newest film rings so true I want to hug him. [Read more]

Erica Gorochow_Dear Europe | STASH MAGAZINE

“Dear Europe” the Future is Written by Those who Vote

Brooklyn director/designer/illustrator Erica Gorochow gathered a super crew of 23 US and UK artists to deliver a message to European voters ahead of the upcoming elections on “how lessons gleaned from Brexit and Trump, might relate.” [Read more]

Pinkman_Windshield Wiper

“The Windshield Wiper” Teaser 2

This second glimpse of “The Windshield Wiper,” an animated film due in 2017 from LA-based Spanish expats Alberto Mielgo (director/artist) and Leo Sanchez-Barbosa (CG character designer), promises lots of atmosphere and intrigue. [Read more]

MRK_Quantun Fluctuations | STASH MAGAZINE

The Unexpected Beauty of “Quantum Fluctuations”

Join London visual artist, director and lecturer Markos Kay (aka MRK) on his spectacular virtual trip inside the Large Hadron Collider at the CERN to visualize the complex interactions of particle collisions. [Read more]