CalArts 2016: “You Look Scary” and “Desert Critters”


The bumper crop of student films from the 2016 CalArts Character Animation program includes “You Look Scary” by Xiya Lan and “Desert Critters” by Li Wen Toh – both demonstrate outstanding storytelling talents while using fully divergent styles, techniques and narrative structures. [Read more]

Daniel Moshel “MeTube 2: August Sings Carmina Burana”

MeTube 2: August sings Carmina Burana | STASH MAGAZINE

In 2013 Austrian director Daniel Moshel unleashed a slice of campy weirdness called “MeTube: August Sings Carmen Habanera” featuring Swiss tenor August Schram, his mom Elfie and a Fellini-esque cast of misfits. Yesterday, Moshel struck again with a bigger, crazier, crowd-funded sequel. [Read more]

Dan DiFelice: Johnny Bang Reilly “Carved in Mayhem”

Dan DiFelice Carved in Mayhem | STASH MAGAZINE

NYC director and former VFX artist Dan DiFelice sculpts a beautiful and redemptive film from a raw and powerful poem by Johnny “Bang” Reilly, a 51-year-old UK fighter, filmmaker and VO artist – with Framestore handling the VFX. [Read more]

I Want to Ride My Type-Cycle

Marcel Piekarski_Type Cycle | STASH MAGAZINE

With spring threatening to descend on New York, the timing of this bicycle-based 3D typographic exercise called “Type-Cycle” from London motion designer (and architecture grad) Marcel Piekarski is pretty much perfect. [Read more]

What Really Happens When Possums Play Dead?

Oh Possum Animated Short| STASH MAGAZINE

Inspired by an opossum living in a coffin amongst his landlord’s old halloween props, Los Angeles director/animator Justin Hilden began filling his sketchbook with possums and possum gags, “Mostly I was intrigued by their strange avoidance of trouble, a trick not unlike my own reaction to stress.” [Read more]

The Inspirational Power of Style Frames

Troublemakers | STASH MAGAZINE

French directing duo Burcu Sankur and Geoffrey Godet (AKA Burcu & Geoffrey) created this smile-inducing clip called “Play” based on the style frames they created for a failed pitch with their continental-Europe reps Troublemakers, “We didn’t get the project but we wanted to bring the images to life animating them.” [Read more]