Celebrating Marie Curie’s 150 Birthday

Dutch animator/illustrator Marlies van der Wel marks the 150th birthday of scientist Marie Curie and her pioneering work with radioactivity in this animated work for ESTRO Cancer Foundation thru Trigger Happy Productions in Berlin. [Read more]

Waiting Fertility Network UK | STASH MAGAZINE

FormPlayStudio: Fertility Network UK “Waiting”

With one in six couples affected by infertility, UK charity Fertility Network “encourages people to share their experiences, thereby raising awareness, breaking taboos and shattering myths about being unable to have a baby.” [Read more]


First Look at 2ndMilk

Nice, understated motion work for 2ndMilk, a non-profit organization committed to saving the lives of malnourished and orphaned infants in Africa and around the globe. [Read more]

Parallel Studio: Huygens “Flower”

Parallel Studio in Paris say they referenced the illustration style of classic animated Disney films like Sleeping Beauty and Bambi when creating this gentle and nostalgic work for Huygens cosmetics. [Read more]

Sebastian Baptista_Waze Carpool | STASH MAGAZINE

Time to “Carpool” with Waze

Fun mixed media romp from NOMINT director Sebastian Baptista spreading the word about the Waze Carpool app and its mission to unclog roads, cut commuting costs and reduce emissions. [Read more]

Taipei Design City Exhibition | STASH MAGAZINE

Whitelight Motion: Taipei Design City Exhibition Promo 2017

Whitelight Motion Studio in Taipei City, Taiwan, describes themselves as “a hybrid creative studio focusing on expanding the possibilities between motion graphics and video installation.” [Read more]