Adobe "Creativity Explained: What is Layout?" by Oddfellows | STASH MAGAZINE

Adobe “Creativity Explained: What is Layout?” by Oddfellows

From the Oddfellows team in Portland, OR: “Creative director and magazine veteran Nathalie Kirsheh shares wisdom on the ins and outs of layout. [Watch]

AT&T Discovery District Films by Lobster Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

AT&T Discovery District Films by Lobster Studio

Part of the visual treats displayed on a mammoth digital screen towering 104 feet over the AT&T Discovery District in Dallas, these three vibrant films were designed and animated by Lobster Studio to “celebrate the brand mood.” [Watch]

SWC2021 "Next Up" (feat. Omega Sapien) Music Video | STASH MAGAZINE

SWC2021 “Next Up” (feat. Omega Sapien) Music Video

South Korean studio Super Very More pulls together a multi-faceted production including live-action, motion capture, and 2D animation by Studio Pivote for this music video promoting the world championship of Summoners War, an online fantasy RPG with over 100 million players. [Watch]

"The Canadians" Invade the NBA | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Canadians” Invade the NBA

You don’t have to be a basketball fan (or a Canadian) to appreciate the spirited character work in this series of branded content films by Toronto studio Reactiv for the NBA, Sportsnet, and sponsor Tangerine Bank. [Watch]

Bela Unclecat, Yulia Drobova | STASH MAGAZINE

Samantha Crain “When We Remain” Music Video by Bela Unclecat and Yulia Drobova

Executive producer Eric Weiner at The Wild Honey Pie in Brooklyn: “We partnered with Kohler to bring you our newest animated video with Choctaw singer/songwriter, poet, producer, and musician Samantha Crain. [Watch]

Annecy 2021 Festival Trailers by Gobelins | STASH MAGAZINE