Google DeepMind Visualizing AI Wes Cockx | STASH MAGAZINE

Wes Cockx is “Visualizing AI” for Google’s DeepMind

The latest visual experiments by veteran design director Wes Cockx find the Brooklyn-based CG artist applying his signature mix of abstract realism and bold/playful colors to the task of “Visualizing AI” for Google’s DeepMind. [Watch]

Microsoft Bing Chat Launch Film Wes Cockx | STASH MAGAZINE

Wes Cockx Launches Bing Chat for Microsoft

Brooklyn director and CG maven Wes Cockx raced the clock to deliver this kinetic launch film showcasing the features and possibilities of Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing Chat in just two weeks. [Watch]

Wes Cockx Material You Google Design | STASH MAGAZINE

Wes Cockx Explores Material You With Google Design

Brooklyn digital artist Wes Cockx investigates new ideas in texture and color for Google’s Material You unified design language with this compilation of tactile and playful CG experiments. [Watch]