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G:FORE G:18 Film FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe Delivers a Quirky Take on Golf Shoes in New G/FORE Film (Director’s Cut)

In direct contrast to the cool temperament of their recent spot for Arc’teryx (and the vast majority of the sports footwear category), the crew at FutureDeluxe choose a refreshingly irreverent and quirky direction for G/FORE’s G/18 golf shoe. [Watch]

Apple Flock commercial Ivan Zacharias Legacy Effects | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Birds” Meets “1984” in Ivan Zacharias’ New Apple Spot

Apple’s latest volley against the online surveillance economy is a gently comic nod to Hitchcock and Orwell courtesy of Smuggler director Ivan Zacharias with avaricious metalic avians via VFX shops Legacy Effects and House of Parliament. [Watch]

2024-Emmy-Main-Title-nominees | STASH MAGAZINE

Antibody, Elastic, and Imaginary Forces Vie for 2024 Main Title Design Emmy

Three powerhouse motion studios, Antibody, Elastic, and Imaginary Forces (aka the reigning royal trio of TV title design) dominated the Outstanding Main Title Design category at the 2024 Emmy nominations announced July 17. [Watch]

Emma Catnip Bloom AI Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Emma Catnip Blends AI With Art in “Bloom” Short Film

London-based director/music producer Emma Catnip just dropped her latest motion experiment, a short film/music video called Bloom she describes as part of her “ongoing exploration of how AI can complement human creativity in animation.” [Watch]

Destiny-2-Axis-animation | STASH MAGAZINE

Sava Zivkovic and Axis Studios Drop Four Cinematics for Destiny 2: The Final Shape

In one of the last projects out the door of Glasgow’s Axis Studios before the company’s closure this week, director Sava Zivkovic conjures a series of ambitious and atmospheric CG cinematics for Bungie’s Destiny 2 franchise. [Watch]

Beats Pill Product Film by TRAUM INC | STASH MAGAZINE

TRAUM INC Swallows the Beats Pill in New Product Film

How do you keep a fact-filled product film visually and emotionally engaging for three minutes? Director Thomas Traum and his team at TRAUM INC deliver the answer in this smooth and nimble explainer for the re-engineered Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker. [Watch]