Valere Amirault, Mécanique Générale: “Symphony of Two Minds”

Valere Amirault Symphony of Two Minds | STASH MAGAZINE

Join director/CD Valere Amirault and the animation crew at Paris CG specialists Mécanique Générale on their trippy (but gorgeously rendered) jaunt into animated existentialism called “Symphony of Two Minds.” [Read more]

Interspecies Intrigue with “Chaud Lapin”

Chaud Lapin short film | STASH MAGAZINE

The genre of animal love triangles slips into murderous new territory in “Chaud Lapin,” the carefully rendered graduation film directed and animated by Supinfocom Arles students Géraldine Gaston, Alexis Magaud, Flora Andrivon, Maël Berreur, and Soline Bejuy. [Read more]

Three Keys to Your “Self-Esteem”

Collett_School of Life Self Esteem | STASH MAGAZINE

London animation director and designer Jesse Collett brings a soft and whimsical feel to the latest nugget of wisdom from School of Life founder Alain de Botton, an insightful and surprising look at the factors contributing to your own sense of self-esteem. [Read more]

Ayrton Senna Institute: “The Heart of Brazil”

Le Cube Senna The heart of Brazil | STASH MAGAZINE

Blazing and emotional animated film from Sao Paulo studio Le Cube helps legendary F1 driver Ayrton Senna deliver his heartfelt message of encouragement to fellow Brazilian athletes competing on their home turf at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this summer. [Read more]

Riccardo Torresi: Copycat Club “Ganz Berlin”

Copycat Club Ganz Berlin | STASH MAGAZINE

The on-going gentrification of Berlin takes a strange turn in this striking interpretation by artist/architect/designer Riccardo Torresi for “Ganz Berlin” from German electro-artist Diego Parravano, aka Copycat Club. [Read more]

Here’s Why You’re Obsessed with “Like Me”

Like Me short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Irish animator Max Halley (currently working at Giant Ant in Vancouver) recruits a straight-talking chicken to reveal the deep-rooted psychological source of your perpetual and overwhelming need for other people’s approval. [Read more]