Michal Misinski Gimmick Juice Porsche Dream | STASH MAGAZINE

Michal Misinski, Gimmick, and Juice Build Porsche’s “Dream” (Director’s Cut)

From the team at Juice in Warsaw, Poland: “Agency Cramer-Krasselt Chicago helped Porsche launch their new youth-focused campaign with Canada’s Gimmick Studio responsible for concept development and production, while Juice delivered CG cars and tied everything together in post-production. Michał Misiński from the Juice roster directed the campaign. [Watch]

VFX Shop Juice and Tabletop Specialists Bites Announce Production Partnership | STASH MAGAZINE

VFX Shop Juice and Tabletop Specialists Bites Announce Production Partnership

From the release: Juice, the award-winning visual effects studio, and Bites, one of the most innovative table-top companies worldwide, established a partnership to increase the studios’ resources and capabilities. [Watch]

Juice Keeps Expanding, Opens Shanghai Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Juice Keeps Expanding, Opens Shanghai Studio

From the release: Juice, the award-winning, Central European, visual effects and sound studio has been working for years in China remotely. However, the goal was always to shorten that distance and be able to work closer with the studio’s clients, react and help their needs instantly. The branch in Shanghai is a hugely important investment […] [Watch]

Adam Tunikowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Juice | STASH MAGAZINE

New York Meets Warsaw in Bonfire / Juice Strategic Partnership

From the release: Bonfire, the creative company that’s re-writing the rules for how post production is being done, has entered into a new strategic partnership with Juice, the Central European animation, design, VFX, CG and sound studio based in Warsaw. [Watch]

Poland Unconquered: Trying Times by Tengent and Juice | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Unconquered: Trying Times” Historical Short Film

Combining forces for a prequel to the 2017 historical epic “The Unconquered,” Polish studios Tengent and Juice employ a dramatic game-cinematic aesthetic to recount a rousing chapter in their country’s evolution. [Watch]

Stash 133 preview trailer | STASH MAGAZINE
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