Two Reasons to get Face to Face with James Kuhn

American artist James Kuhn (who describes himself as “an artist, retired drag queen, whiteface clown, former nudist, born again Christian, average 46 year old guy) likes to paint his face. A lot. According to the band’s YouTube site, the story of this video (for the Young Rivals track “Two Reasons” goes like this: [Read more]

Piccadilly Curtains and Sir David’s “Natural Curiosities”

David Attenborough’s new natural history documentary on UKTV’s Eden channel (spotlighting ten creatures with evolutionary quirks) will certainly get a boost with this entrancing mixed media promo from London director Adam Parry (aka Piccadilly Curtains) who mixes 3D, After Effects and traditional 2D [Read more]

STYLE FRAMES Design Conference Lands Feb 7-8 in NYC!

In just four weeks the STYLE FRAMES Design Conference lands in NYC for two days packed with inspiration, networking and insight into THE ART of the PITCH. This is your chance to sharpen your pitching strategies and win more work with real-world tips and wisdom from 40 speakers and panelists plus an [Read more]

Greg Gunn Illuminates Blind’s 10 Commandments

Former Three Legged Leg and current Blind creative director Greg Gunn takes the 10 Core Values of his current employer to heart and then into motion in this fun and inventive series of animated mini-films featuring ultra-minimal yet charming/emotive characters. “These animations were kind of an unplanned [Read more]

Dimitri Stankowicz | STASH MAGAZINE

Dimitri Stankowicz: Rone “Bye Bye Macadam”

Paris director/animator Dimitri Stankowicz tosses a dark glance at Busby Berkeley on the way to directing this intriguing animated chiaroscuro-fest for Rone’s “Bye Bye Macadam” track. [Read more]

Ori Toor: Kingdom Crumbs “Evoking Spirits”

Tel Aviv artist/animator/doodler Ori Toor finds a perfect application for his obsession with animated Flash loops in this psychotropic and mellifluous new music video for Seattle hip-hop outfit Kingdom Crumbs. The wonderful antidote to your New Year hangover. [Read more]