Stash issue 142 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
DJ Shadow Slingblade music video | STASH MAGAZINE

DJ Shadow “Slingblade” Music Video by Ryo Kitabatake

Director, motion designer, and CG artist Ryo Kitabatake at WOW in Tokyo stirs together mystery, isolation, and atmosphere in this sweeping music video for the DJ Shadow track “Slingblade”. [Watch]

Think 2050 Fiction to Action by Daihei Shibata WOW | STASH MAGAZINE

“Think 2050: Fiction to Action” by Daihei Shibata

The increasing complexity of falling domino formations create a riveting metaphor for the problems and promise of Japans’s aging population in this all-CG spot by WOW director Daihei Shibata for the country’s Ministry of Economy. [Watch]