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Somei Sun Oneplus 11 Liquid Concept Film | STASH MAGAZINE

Somei Sun and Crew Drop Oneplus 11 “Liquid” Concept Film

The new Oneplus 11 concept phone and its Active CryoFlux liquid cooling system flare to life in this detailed and dramatic film crafted by a passionate CG team led by creative director Somei Sun. [Watch]

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Best of Stash 2022: Game Films!

While nudging forward the art and craft of 3D animation, these eight outstanding game trailers, cinematics, and tournament films also offer deeply considered narratives and a possible peak into the future of filmmaking. [Watch]

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NZMobile “Against the War” Game Trailer by Somei Sun and Friends

The mobile version of Tencent Game’s multiplayer online first-person shooter Assault Fire, launches with a trailer full of atmosphere, grit, and glitchy CG surprises courtesy of director Somei Sun and his design/animation crew. [Watch]