Andy’s and Unit Image for Peugeot “The Legend Returns”

Unit Image Peugeot | STASH MAGAZINE

WIZZdesign directors Andy’s and Paris CG house Unit Image push their latest photo-real CG collaboration to a new level for this remake of a classic Bond-inspired spot from 1984. Everything in the spot, except the vehicle interior and the actors, is CG, including the recreation of the opening 20 seconds of the original ad. Spectacular. [Read more]

Oscar Winner Laurent Witz: “Long Live New York”


Laurent Witz, who won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar earlier this year for “Mr Hublot,” crafts a thoughtful and uplifting 3D piece for with the aim of raising New York state from the bottom of the organ donor ranks. [Read more]

PlusOne for the Eneco Toon

Wonderfully clean and friendly art direction in this online film for Toon, a thermostat that helps you monitor/manage your energy consumption.

PlusOne: “As Toon can be operated via a tablet, we chose to build the story around this. Realistic 3D, an earthly yet clean color palette and warm sound design were used to achieve a personal and lifelike touch.” Directed and produced by PlusOne in Amsterdam thru Achtung!.
[Read more]

Digital District Gangs Up on Volvic

Digital District Volvic | STASH MAGAZINE

Just how epic can mineral water get? Pretty freakin’ epic according to this new spot from the all-Paris team of Gang Films and VFX house Digital District for Volvic through Y&R. [Read more]

Birdo and Gabriel Nóbrega: “Fiat Vacilão”


Balls-to-the-wall 2D motoring madness from São Paulo animation house Birdo in collaboration with Gabriel Nóbrega from Vetor Zero/Lobo thru Leo Burnett for Fiat “telling stories about good people who transform into evildoers in traffic.” [Read more]

MPC: More “Unexpected” Critters for First Direct

FirstDirect MPC Dom&Nic | STASH MAGAZINE

Outsider directors Dom & Nic re-team with MPC for more fun with CG fauna (a frill-necked lizard and his tarsier housemate) in this follow up to last year’s brilliant “Platypus” spot for UK bank first direct. [Read more]