Replacing Noise with Narrative: Explaining

Stampsy Hugo & Marie | STASH MAGAZINE

Striking and surreal launch video for photo/narrative sharing platform, art directed and produced by Brooklyn’s Hugo & Marie, designed and illustrated by The Six & Five Studio in Buenos Aires, with animation by Slovenian freelance digital creative Nejc Polovsak (aka Twistedpoly). [Read more]

ChezEddy + Stories AG: Triumph “Find the One”

Stories AG_Triumph | STASH MAGAZINE

Paris animation studio ChezEddy and multiple-Tony-winning American composer/lyricist Jason Robert Brown channel the wide-eyed exuberance of the Disney princess genre for UK women’s lingerie maker Triumph in this 3D spectacular starring upcoming modeling phenom Hannah Ferguson. [Read more]

Behind the Scenes of Cycle Canada “Hop On”

Sons and Daughters Cycle Canada | STASH MAGAZINE

Discover how Sons and Daughters director/DOP Mark Zibert and Toronto post/animation/design house Alter Ego seamlessly combine an array of VFX techniques to create riveting but rider-less action in this spot for Cycle Canada, the center piece of a national campaign. [Read more]

Spectacular MacLaren 570s from Dom & Nic and MPC

Dom & Nic_MacLaren | STASH MAGAZINE

Outsider directors Dom & Nic: “After researching the feasibility of shooting a real black swan it became clear the best way forward for this film was to create it entirely in CG [but] we wanted to approach it with the same mentality and process that we would do a live action shoot. [Read more]

Flipping for Dairy Queen “Oreo Blizzard”

Mill+_Diary Queen | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chicago outpost of The Mill/Mill+ expand their repertoire with this impossibly happy 2D character fest for Dairy Queen powered by a catchy ditty scripted by agency Barkley US and composed by Sam Billen at Primary Color Music. [Read more]

Making Intel “Conflict Free”

BNS_Intel Conflict Free| STASH MAGAZINE

Brand New School crafts a powerful clip promoting Intel’s on-going quest to eliminate conflict minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo and their global supply chain: “People should have a conflict-free choice so by starting over, reconnecting the dots across the globe, and convincing partners to do the right thing [Read more]